About Healthy Explosion

Developing Health and Wellness Educational Experiences

Healthy Explosions was created to share the wisdom our founder. Martina Desgouttes, compiled and developed through years of thorough study, meticulous research and awe-inspiring personal experience. Each one of our courses and programs is carefully created and built upon the core belief that understanding our unique body type allows us to give it the individualized care that leads to vibrant health.

Our courses are ready to serve you as the keys that will unlock the door to areas such as:


We offer the opportunity for you to enjoy a complimentary sample lesson from one of our courses. Experience for yourself the valuable hands-on, practical knowledge that will empower and enable you to make transformational lifestyle changes. You deserve to feel extraordinary! Don’t hesitate to begin your transformational journey.

Our Company

Healthy Explosion is the trademark of Fitt To Go Organics LLC., a Georgia, USA-based holistic health education and empowerment company. We operate with integrity and follow strict ethical guidelines and principles. We acknowledge each customer and client as a gift deserving of respect and honesty. We strive to exceed expectations and provide exceptional service.

We are proud to offer our expertise in nutrition, digestive disorders, autoimmune diseases, weight loss, and preventive health. We invite you to explore the wealth of educational options we offer individuals and groups. From individual on-line courses to group trainings and retreats Healthy Explosion is ready to meet your needs.